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2 Way Text & Email Conversation
GMB Messaging
Web Chat
Reputation Management
Facebook Messenger
GMB Call Tracking
Missed Call Text Back
Text To Pay
Email Marketing
HTML Builder
Trigger Links
SMS & Email Templates
All Reporting


Exclusively for SMP Artists

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Don't settle for average results. Seize the opportunity with a FREE audit and elevate your Google Ads strategy to new heights. Let's collaborate to ensure your ad campaigns deliver outstanding results.

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Attention: NEW Scalp Micropigmentation Artists

Please ensure that you've served at least 3 clients, have before and after photos, and testimonials.

Our Google Ads service is tailored for artists with an established presence. Without these basics, Google Ads may not work for you. We aim for genuine partnerships, not just transactions. However, if you have a background in sales but haven't yet catered to 3 SMP clients, we might consider an exception. Interested? Schedule a Discovery Call to delve deeper.

Highlead's Secret Formula for Google Ads Success


Reach potential clients who are ready to book


Easily track & optimize your results


Adjust your ad spending to any budget


Start now and get immediate results


Appear at the TOP of Google search results

Dynamic Text Replacement & Message Match

Achieve Lower Cost Per Click and Higher Quality Scores with the Right Mix of Technology & Strategy

Our consistency and optimization strategy has helped many clients achieve remarkable results. While advertising carries some risk, we offer references and a free discovery call. It's important to approach lead generation with realistic expectations and understand that ROI may take time. We encourage patience and persistence for long-term success.

Hit the Bullseye with Our Proven Formula:

Google Ads Expertise Backed by Half a Million Dollars in Total Ad Spend Data

Looking to make a splash with your Google Ads campaigns in the SMP industry? Look no further than our expert services. With the largest database of SMP-specific Google Ads data in the world, we can help you launch successful campaigns from day one. Don’t just take our word for it – our satisfied SMP artist's clients can vouch for the profitability of our approach. Let us help you take your Google Ads game to the next level.

The SMP Sales Funnel

Step 1

SMP Landing Page

Make a Strong First Impression: Expertly Designed SMP Landing Pages as the First Step of Your Sales Funnel

Increase consultation bookings for your SMP business with our proven solution. We’ll build booking calendars directly onto your page. This seamless integration ensures a streamlined process from start to finish, resulting in higher booking rates for our clients. Our calendars integrate with your website, landing page, and HighLead system, making it easier than ever for visitors to book consultations.

Check Out Some of Our SMP Booking Calendars:

SMP Consultation Bookings

Streamline Your Consultation Bookings with Our Expert SMP Booking Calendars

Increase consultation bookings for your SMP business with our proven solution. We’ll build booking calendars directly onto your page. This seamless integration ensures a streamlined process from start to finish, resulting in higher booking rates for our clients. Our calendars integrate with your website, landing page, and HighLead system, making it easier than ever for visitors to book consultations.

Check Out Some of Our SMP Booking Calendars:

Thank You Pages to Track Conversions

Our Hidden Code Triggers Conversions in Your Google Ads Account

We never cut corners. Our custom Thank You pages are the final step after booking a consultation, and includes hidden code that triggers conversions in your Google Ads account, so you'll know exactly where each and every lead comes from and at what cost.

Check Out Some of Our Thank You Pages:
Special Limited-Time Offer

Free Video Content for Your Website, Landing Pages, and Social Media!

Elevate your SMP services by leveraging the power of a premium sales video. This is a great opportunity to showcase the benefits of your SMP services and attract a wider audience, helping to increase your customer base and grow your business.

When you sign up with HighLead, you'll get your high-quality sales video absolutely FREE!


All-Inclusive Google Ads Management Services

What’s Included In The Setup? 10X More Than Our Competitors Offer!
  1. $500 Free Adspend *Google Offer
  2. Done For You Google Ads Management
  3. BONUS - YouTube Ads Setup
  4. Unbounce Hosting Included
  5. ClickCease Fraud Protection Setup
  6. Calendar Setup + Embed
  7. Custom Page Step 1 - Lead Capture
  8. Custom Page Step 2 - Calendar Embed
  9. Custom Page Step 3 - Thank You
  10. Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR)
  11. A/B Testing + Smart Traffic
  12. Addition of Your Facebook Pixel
  13. Email + Text Notifications Setup
  14. Custom Popup - SMS/Email Integration
  15. Chat Widget - SMS/Email Integration
  16. Contact Form SMS/Email Integration
  17. Setup of FOMO Social Proof Widget
  18. Popup Hidden Form Fields For
    Keyword Tracking
  19. Create Multiple Campaigns
  20. Maximizing Google Ad Impressions
  21. Maximize Relevant and Minimize
    Irrelevant Clicks
  22. Lowest Possible Cost Per Click (CPC)
  23. Highest Possible Click-Through Rate
  24. Enhanced Conversion Tracking
  25. Live Marketing Results Dashboard
  26. You Own the Ad Account
  27. Excludes Ad Spend (Paid to Google)

Say Goodbye to Wasted Ad Spend

Click Fraud Detection Software

How We Protect Your Google Ads Budget by Battling BOTS and Competitors

If your Google Ads investment failed to see a profitable return, click fraud may have been the cause. Our advanced click fraud prevention software ensures that only real potential customers click your ads. This saves you thousands in wasted ad spend and increases the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaign.

Retarget Your Way to Success

Drive Conversions and Boost ROI with Our Remarketing Services

Remarketing targets potential customers who previously showed interest in your business. HighLead offers expertly crafted display and video ads strategically placed on partner sites, linked to your Google Ads account for increased conversions and ROI.

See What SMP Artists are Saying

Read testimonials from industry professionals who have experienced the transformative power of HighLead.

Meet Your 10,000+ Hour Google Ads Master

Chris Helms

Founder & Director, HighLead

With over 17 years of experience with Google Ads dating back to 2005, Chris is an expert in the field that you can trust. Unlike walking into a casino or wondering if your work is being outsourced to a team in Pakistan, partnering with a marketing company should be a seamless and personalized experience. That’s why it’s important to know who you’re doing business with on a 1-on-1 level. You can schedule a Zoom meeting with Chris anytime to discuss all of your questions and concerns.

The Results Speak for Themselves

See what other Micropigmentation Artists are saying about HighLead.

Dennis Romero

Vanguard SMP

"I have been a client of HighLead since its early days. I was actually the first SMP client they took on. My experience with their work has been sound and dependable. Their marketing efforts have consistently delivered measurable results that have remained consistent."

Rodger Ponce


"Go HighLead has changed our approach to customer relations management with their automated system to seamlessly engage with clients. With their expertly managed Google Ads campaigns, they have boosted our online presence, increased potential leads and overall business growth. Chris and the team have done an outstanding job!"

Hosea Edwards

Premier SMP

"I came across Go HighLead and looked into it because I needed to grow and just wasn't getting what I needed with another agency. In just 2 months I have had way more Google leads and booked consultations than I had in 6 months. Go HighLead has been great and Chris has been awesome to work with!"


Boost Your Landing Page Performance with a Free 3D SMP Animation

Sign up for HighLead's Google Ads services today and get a 3D Animation ($500 value)!


Transform your business with HighLead's streamlined monthly subscription.

per month*

* One-time set up fee of $1,497 and a minimum 3-month commitment is required
What's Included:
3-Step Landing Page System
Keyword & Campaign Strategy
Google Ads Account Setup
ClickCease Account Setup
Monthly Google Ads Management
Monthly ClickCease Subscription
Monthly Unbounce Hosting Subscription
Monthly Zapier Subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our Google Ads services.

We'll schedule a meeting to help you complete your onboarding form. Once you submit the form, please note that due to high demand, it will take 20-30 days for us to build your pages and ad account.

To acquire clients, a good closing process is crucial, but it's difficult to standardize since some artists are better at sales than others. Instead, our focus is on providing high-quality leads in high volumes to increase your opportunities to meet potential clients. If you have a strong sales game, you'll see a steady stream of new business. Some agencies guarantee a specific cost per client, but this is unethical because they can't account for all the variables. Our approach is to provide leads, and if you close them, it's a perfect partnership. Our generated leads are high-intent potential clients who search on Google, making them easier to close.

For new accounts, we recommend a minimum monthly ad spend budget of $1,000 to collect sufficient data and optimize the campaign for profitability. While advertising is often viewed as an expense, it's actually an investment that generates income for your business.

To increase conversion rates, it's recommended that you provide your logo, a variety of at least 9 before and after images showcasing your work results, brand color code, and any additional assets such as a headshot or image of your studio. These assets will help build trust on the landing page.

If search volume is a concern for your area, we can conduct an audit to identify keywords with sufficient search volume to target. Additionally, we use a combination of location targeting and keyword targeting to reach potential customers in your area. If you're concerned about low search volume, one strategy is to expand the perimeter around your location where your ads will appear. However, it's important to avoid showing ads to people who are not willing to travel to your business.

To guarantee first page placement, we work with up to 4 clients per area. Ad copy is important, but highlighting your unique advantages can make the difference in whether a shopper chooses your business. In areas with multiple artists running ads, there's usually enough search volume to support several artists. It's unlikely that other advertisers will significantly impact your campaign's performance.

Google paid search ads are better than Facebook or Instagram ads for the SMP industry because they reach customers who are actively searching for your products or services. When people search on Google, they have a higher intent to do business because they are looking for a specific solution to their problem. This makes them more likely to convert into customers than people who are scrolling through social media. When you advertise on social media, you are interrupting peoples' experiences and they may not be as receptive to your message. Therefore, Google paid search ads allow you to reach a more targeted and interested audience, which can lead to better conversion rates and return on investment for your advertising dollars.

Our agency is the top choice for artists in the SMP industry when it comes to Google Ads, thanks to our extensive database of client accounts. This data gives us a strategic advantage in launching new accounts, resulting in a higher chance of success and faster profitability for our clients. With over $500K worth of data collected, we offer our clients an unmatched advantage that no other agency can provide.

We don't share leads with competitors for security, ethics, and to protect our reputation and integrity. Your data is yours alone. To prove this, we offer a "seeding the list" solution where you can implant a fake lead into your CRM contacts. If a competitor contacts that number, you'll know your contacts were compromised.

When we set up a client on Google Ads, we use their own Google Ads account and simply manage it on their behalf. This means that you own the account at all times, and we do not hold it hostage. This approach is different from some other marketing companies that may act unethically and try to retain control over your account. Rest assured that with us, you have full control and ownership of your Google Ads account.

Google occasionally provides free ad spend credits to new advertisers as an incentive to start advertising on their platform. However, the availability and eligibility for these credits can vary depending on the country, type of account, and other factors. In some cases, Google may provide a free ad spend credit as part of a promotional offer or partnership with a third-party provider. It's best to check with Google directly.

- They make unrealistic promises or guarantees.
- They pressure you into signing a contract or making a large upfront payment without fully explaining their services or providing a detailed plan.
- They refuse to answer your questions or provide transparent reporting on performance.
- They have a history of unethical or illegal practices.
- They lack experience or specialization in your industry or niche.
- They offer a one-size-fits-all approach, without tailoring their services to your specific needs and goals.
- They do not prioritize communication or fail to respond promptly to your inquiries.

Trusted Partners for Our Google Ads Services

We’ve teamed up with top industry leaders to bring you the best results for your ad campaigns.

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