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Rediscover Potential with HighLead’s Stale Lead Reactivation Service

Rekindle connections with previous clients and foster loyalty through personalized engagement with our innovative database reactivation system.


Rekindle Client Relationships

Our reactivation strategies are designed to reignite relationships with past clients, reminding them of the quality of your SMP services and encouraging their return.

Engage with Personalized Messages

HighLead's system sends out personalized communications to past clients, enhancing the chances of successful re-engagement and reactivation.

Build Client Loyalty

Our Database Reactivation Service not only seeks to bring back past clients but also fosters loyalty, increasing the chances of repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

Track Your Success

Track the effectiveness of your reactivation campaigns with our detailed analytics, providing insights into client re-engagement rates and patterns.

Leverage Client History

Utilize past client data to deliver tailored messages, addressing their unique needs and interests, and increasing the chances of successful reactivation.

The Results Speak for Themselves

See what other Micropigmentation Artists are saying about HighLead.

Dennis Romero

Vanguard SMP

In unifying of all social media and other useful platforms HighLead acts as a highly intelligent interactive hub, with sophisticated features that power your ability to initiate, nurture and ultimately capture potential business relationships. Outstanding job! Thank you Chris!

Viviana Escobar

Discreet Cosmetic Studio

This platform has made my job easier. When I’m busy working with my clients, the automated system kicks in and replies to all my missed calls and messages. It’s like having a personal assistant without the extra cost. Chris explains everything in detail. I highly recommend HighLead.

Yvette & Trevor Greenall

Ink 2 Scalp

Chris and the HighLead platform offers creativity with engaging prospects and automate communication to help manage incoming interest. The ongoing automation allows for continuous relationship building at all points. The onboarding was smooth and thorough which made it an exciting process.

Rodger Ponce


Chris from Go High Lead has truly revolutionized our approach to customer relations management with their automated system. This innovative tool enables us to seamlessly engage with clients while actively tending to their needs. Additionally, Go High Lead's expertly managed Google Ads campaigns have significantly boosted our online visibility, maximizing our potential leads and enhancing our overall business growth. Chris and the team have played a crucial role in enhancing our customer outreach and expanding our digital presence, making them an invaluable partner for any business seeking success in today's competitive landscape. Thank you from SMP Ink!

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