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“Managing his SMP studio had become a juggling act of responding to consultation requests, scheduling appointments, and attempting to maintain time behind the needle actually running the business. He knew there had to be a better way.”

Chris Helms is an entrepreneur with a knack for spotting opportunities in the market. When he ventured into the world of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), he quickly realized that despite the industry's growth, it was under-served by modern marketing and automation technologies. Managing his SMP studio had become a juggling act of responding to consultation requests, scheduling appointments, and attempting to maintain time behind the needle actually running the business. He knew there had to be a better way.
Chris scoured the internet for technology solutions tailored for the SMP industry, but his search turned up empty. Frustration, however, turned into inspiration, and he decided if he couldn't find a solution, he would create one. He envisioned a tool that could not only streamline marketing efforts but also manage consultations and appointment scheduling for SMP artists. It should even help artists get more reviews. That's when HighLead was born.
HighLead was designed to be a comprehensive marketing system specifically for SMP artists. Chris used his entrepreneurial spirit and insight into the SMP industry to guide the development of the platform, focusing on automating critical processes that were time-consuming and complex for SMP artists to manage manually.
His commitment to ensuring HighLead was intuitive, user-friendly, and effective led to a system that transformed the way he ran his studio. His calendar was consistently filled with new consultations, and the administrative burden was significantly reduced, allowing him to focus on growth strategies.
HighLead's success in his own studio was the proof of concept Chris needed. Recognizing the potential of HighLead to revolutionize the SMP industry, he made the strategic decision to sell his SMP studio and focus entirely on supporting other SMP artists through HighLead.
His gamble paid off. HighLead has now been adopted by SMP studios around the world, delivering the same transformative results that Chris first experienced. Chris Helms, once a struggling SMP studio owner, is now the driving force behind HighLead, helping others to thrive in an industry he helped to reshape.

What We Do at HighLead

We provide cutting-edge tools and services tailored specifically to the needs of SMP artists.

Growth System

Discover how we've innovated the concept of growth in the SMP industry through our comprehensive Growth System.

Google Ads Management

Learn about our expert team's dedication to optimizing your Google Ads campaigns to maximize your return on investment.

Calendar Booking System

See how we've automated the appointment booking process to ensure no opportunity slips through your fingers.

Chat Widget Pro

Get to know our Chat Widget Pro, designed to elevate your client communication and lead generation.

Database Reactivation

Find out how we help you tap into the potential of your existing client database, fostering client loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

The Results Speak for Themselves

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Dennis Romero

Vanguard SMP

In unifying of all social media and other useful platforms HighLead acts as a highly intelligent interactive hub, with sophisticated features that power your ability to initiate, nurture and ultimately capture potential business relationships. Outstanding job! Thank you Chris!


Scalpify, United Kingdom

Using HighLead SMP Growth System has been a game changer for my business. The results have been incredible, significantly increasing our client base and boosting our growth. The tailored marketing strategies and the meticulous lead vetting and follow-up process have been highly effective. I highly recommend HighLead to any SMP artist looking to expand their business. The free demo is a fantastic opportunity to see the benefits firsthand.

Yvette & Trevor Greenall

Ink 2 Scalp

Chris and the HighLead platform offers creativity with engaging prospects and automate communication to help manage incoming interest. The ongoing automation allows for continuous relationship building at all points. The onboarding was smooth and thorough which made it an exciting process.

Rodger Ponce


Chris from Go High Lead has truly revolutionized our approach to customer relations management with their automated system. This innovative tool enables us to seamlessly engage with clients while actively tending to their needs. Additionally, Go High Lead's expertly managed Google Ads campaigns have significantly boosted our online visibility, maximizing our potential leads and enhancing our overall business growth. Chris and the team have played a crucial role in enhancing our customer outreach and expanding our digital presence, making them an invaluable partner for any business seeking success in today's competitive landscape. Thank you from SMP Ink!

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